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The Zeen: Next Generation Walker/Rollator


With full body weight support from beneath, Zeen let’s you move at your own pace without fatigue and frees up your hands and arms while you walk.

Unlike walkers and rollators, the Zeen keeps your body weight securely centered on a comfortable saddle with a retractable
seat belt. This means no more wrist and arm strain because you don’t need your arms to stay supported.

You’re always safely supported and can rest and move when you want, so you can stay out longer, go further and move faster – or linger over conversation longer.

The Avoca Solutions Difference*

  • Standard Model:(Note: 1-handed control model : $400 additional)
  • Onsite Delivery, Setup & Training Included*
  • 2X Manufacturer’s Warranty

*Be sure to enter coupon code “Avoca”- For special offers… Please call.
*Included in main service areas of NY, NJ, CT, MA, & RI  (Call for details)



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